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Stands for Love, Inspire, Give, Help and Trust.

Our Mission

The SafeLIGHT Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting safe driving behavior through charitable giving to traffic safety programs and to those people and organizations that support responsible driving. 


Our core values: Through civic and community engagement, the SafeLIGHT Foundation connects the community and law enforcement to traffic safety programming that is centered around improving safe driving behavior and supporting families impacted by traffic accidents or fatalities.

The SafeLIGHT Foundation’s programs focus on community outreach, law enforcement, teen drivers and seniors, as well as support for families that have been negatively impacted by traffic injuries or fatalities.



As the Executive Director of the SafeLIGHT Foundation, I am honored to unite our Chairwoman’s vision and passion for the mission of the SafeLIGHT Foundation.

LIGHTing the way is the basis of our core values at the SafeLIGHT Foundation. The essence of light is positive, whether it provides vision in darkness or signals one to stop, yield, or go. The SafeLIGHT Foundation provides knowledge and information to drivers across Illinois to ensure they act from an informed position and think wisely about their choices. What’s unique is its commitment and willingness to invest in the most vulnerable drivers behind the wheel—teens and seniors—as well as the law enforcement personnel who put their lives on the line every day.

We know that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of teenagers. In fact, novice teen drivers are twice as likely as adult drivers to be in fatal collisions. Older drivers are also at risk; the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that  20% of all traffic fatalities involve persons aged 65 or older.


Our partnered law enforcement officials work on the ground, responding to accidents with bravery and empathy. The police chiefs with whom we partner are committed to enforcing the SafeLIGHT Foundation's comprehensive traffic safety practices with the communities in their districts, focusing on educating our teens and elders to prevent further deaths on the road. We are grateful to our police partners for all they do, which is not limited to just traffic safety. Police officers put their lives on the line every day and we continue to support their sacrifices through grants to individuals and families who have experienced illnesses, injuries or deaths due to traffic accidents or incidents in the line of duty.


At the SafeLIGHT Foundation, we have an incredible responsibility to help our partners in school districts, police departments, traffic safety organizations, and beyond, to reverse the trends of traffic endangerment. With the help of our partners, I look forward to illuminating a safer path forward for all drivers across Illinois.



Yvonne Davila


Nikki M. Zollar


Jill  C. Williams


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Board Member

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Accidents hurt. Safety doesn't.

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