What We Do

We increase public awareness of traffic safety issues

Civic & Community Engagement

The SafeLIGHT Foundation increases public awareness of traffic safety issues by promoting, developing, implementing and supporting traffic safety events and programs as well as collaborating with law enforcement and the community through civic engagement and outreach.


  • We conduct safe driving programs by partnering with organizations committed to traffic safety.

  • We unite by partnering with law enforcement, municipal associations, charitable organizations and corporations committed to traffic safety.

  • We protect and educate youth through our “Teen Ambassador” program.

  • We educate senior citizens on understanding the rules of the road and new car technology.




Community Outreach Program

The SafeLIGHT Foundation provides opportunities for the community and law enforcement to come together around traffic safety issues, this includes events, programs and materials to raise public awareness and provides support to those who have been affected by tragedies due to red light running accidents.


Law Enforcement Program

The SafeLIGHT Foundation supports law enforcement personnel by providing grants to individuals and families in need of financial assistance or additional resources as a result of family members’ injuries, illnesses or deaths due to traffic accidents or incidents in the line of duty.


Teen Ambassador Program

The leading cause of death among teens in America is motor vehicle accidents. To address this critical issue, the SafeLIGHT Foundation has developed this program to provide safe driving education to new teen drivers.


Seniors Matter Program

Our program helps educate senior citizens about safe driving practices. It is important for us to provide seniors with tools and resources as a way for them to continue to be productive and safe on the roadways.



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