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Real Stories Of Texting and Driving Death That Will Make Teens Think Twice

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nine people die every single day because of a distracted driver. While distracted driving encompasses any action that takes a driver’s eyes off the road, cell phones—especially smartphones—have contributed to the rise of distractions and to texting driving deaths.

For teens, owning a smartphone is a rite of passage; Pew Research Center reports that “95 percent of teens have access to a smartphone.” And smartphone ownership for young adults ages 18 to 29 also proves that these devices are the new norm—only six percent of young adults don’t own a smartphone.

Smartphone ownership statistics showcase the prominence of these devices, but what they also illustrate is the focal need for connectivity in our lives. Almost every teen has a smartphone, and this allows for constant and instant access to their social world; information and even entertainment is merely a tap away, and built in cameras snap memories that serve to document every action or inaction. Today’s teens have grown up with technology, and the digital world has become a necessity and a given. Phones and devices follow everywhere, and, unfortunately, their presence even has taken a front seat in the car.


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