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Love. Inspire. Give. Help. Trust.

Promoting safe driving through charitable giving.

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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is not just another Tuesday, it’s a day when generosity takes center stage, and together, we can make a lasting impact.

In a world where kindness and compassion are needed more than ever, it’s crucial that we unite and lend our support to the causes that deeply resonate with us. Whether it’s empowering seniors to maintain their independence through driving, fostering positive relationships with law enforcement, or educating young drivers on responsible behavior behind the wheel, let’s embark on a journey with the SafeLIGHT Foundation.

 2023 was a busy and productive year for the SafeLIGHT Foundation. We welcomed our second class of Teen Ambassadors and they produced a campaign to promote National Teen Driver Safety Week. Our Seniors Matter Rideshare Program is going strong in multiple communities, helping our valued senior citizens maintain their mobility and independence. We also continued to support law enforcement at National Night Out and Brotherhood for the Fallen events. These programs were funded through grants and through generous donations from our supporters, who believe in our mission of promoting safe driving.

Please join us in pursuit of safer roadways. Together, we can make a meaningful impact by promoting and encouraging safe driving practices.

Will you take the time to support responsible driving with a 100% tax-deductible donation? 

Please mark your calendar for November 28 to make a contribution that can help save a life.

Traffic accidents claim more than 35,000 American lives a year. 

We build traffic safety awareness to protect drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and communities.

Proud to serve Illinois residents.



LOVE – We demonstrate our love by supporting families impacted by irresponsible drivers; we are a shoulder to lean on – we visit these individuals in hospitals or at home; we stand by them in legal or court proceedings; we help them with resources they may not have.

INSPIRE – We motivate our communities to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by sharing inspirational stories of survivors, the families of red light running accident victims and/or heroes of red light running accidents.

GIVE – We stand with law enforcement and other organizations by volunteering and providing donations that meet our foundation’s qualifications. Our desire is to lend our support during times that can be devastating to persons or families.


HELP – We educate the communities we serve on the do’s and don’ts of safe driving through traffic safety awareness programs. 


TRUST – We help build and maintain a bond between the community and law enforcement by providing opportunities for them to come together to discuss issues surrounding traffic safety.


To Do More, We Need More


Explore our roadway safety programs below.



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